We’re pleased to announce the new integration of Connectivity’s customer intelligence platform with RingCentral’s cloud communications solution. This new integration allows RingCentral customers to build a customer list from existing phone records that can be used to create smart marketing campaigns.

Most businesses don’t do anything with an important source of data: phone calls. Every time a customer (or potential customer) calls a business, a wealth of information waits to be captured. Now, it’s possible to use phone records to create a customer list with Connectivity.

Here’s how it works: when someone calls a business, Connectivity automatically builds a comprehensive customer list with a profile for each customer that includes data such as name, email, interests and demographic information. Connectivity and RingCentral users can use their new customer list with helpful tools such as automated text campaigns and customer surveys that collect more online reviews.

At Connectivity, we’re creating affordable technology products that help businesses learn more about their customers, manage their brand’s online presence and get a handle on how they are represented online in customer reviews and social media.
We’re excited about this new integration. Connectivity blog readers may recall that we also recently announced two other big partnerships with CityGrid and MapQuest.

We’re excited about this new integration and are offering all RingCentral customers an exclusive 30-day free trial of the Connectivity product.

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