Our team put in a lot of hard work and extra hours to get new products and features built over the past few months. The biggest launch is our new Customer Insights product, which we just announced today.

About Customer Insights

Customer Insights gives businesses detailed customer profiles that help them understand their primary customer base and connect with current and potential customers more efficiently. If you have a customer list, simply upload it and the Customer Insights product automatically builds an intelligent profile that includes information like full name, contact info, age range, income, interests and more valuable details for each contact on the list. We also add to your list when you connect your phone system or email provider with Customer Insights, so your list grows automatically. Your customer lists continues to grow and get more detailed automatically, so you know you’ll always have the best customer list possible. An accurate list is the key to successful marketing automation and targeted advertising.

Connecting Social Networks and Inline Responses

Clients often ask us about being able to respond to the social media posts that appear in their feed (part of both our Customer Insights Product and our Review Monitoring Tool), so we built an integration that does just that. When anyone posts a comment or review on your Facebook page or tweets at our about your business, it will update in your Connectivity feed. You can respond in your Connectivity feed and your comment will immediately post.

Here’s a video showing exactly how it works. (Recorded by Tracy, Director of Product Management)

Mobile App

The Connectivity interaction feed is also available in our iPhone App, so managers or anyone responsible for social media at a location can track and respond to social posts; see new reviews, phone calls, emails and survey responses directly on their phone. Quick responses encourage positive reviews, so this app is an important step on our mission to help local businesses earn and maintain positive reputations.

Marketing Automation

During Q3, we added new tools to our marketing automation product. Previously, automatic customer surveys was our primary marketing automation offering. This is a great tool to generate positive reviews for your business and learn about any negative customer experiences before they post a bad review, so we saw a big impact on our clients’ online reputations.

Knowing that strong customer interaction is crucial both to customer experience and a positive reputation, we built new tools this quarter to help your business interact more effectively with customers. To begin, we launched automatic text marketing campaigns. This tool send an automatic reply to callers if you are unable to answer the phone. You can determine what the message says and control what hours it is active, and the rest is automatic. Even when you aren’t able to connect with a customer directly, your business still does.

With online interactions in mind, we started working closely with Facebook. Facebook granted us unlimited access to their “create custom and look-alike audience API.” This opens up a lot of doors for our clients. To find new customers, they can create and post Facebook ads targeted to customers in their primary demographic. Our clients can also target contacts that email or call their business through Facebook re-marketing ads. The whole idea is to keep your business connected to your current and prospective customers and to link offline data, like calls and emails, with intelligent online marketing.

We’ve done some beta testing in the past couple months and plan to roll out a complete version of this product by the end of the year.

PDF Reports

A separate area of innovation, we began offering PDF reports for our listings and reviews tools. These PDF reports make it easy to show improvement over time because we store historical snapshots of customer data, making it easy to benchmark against pass statistics. The ability to print these historic reports directly from the dashboard makes it easy to present them without adding more users to the Connectivity dashboard.

Data Syndication Partnerships

Beyond internal innovation, Connectivity is excited to add some new partnerships. Our recently announced partnerships with MapQuest and CityGrid Media make our listings tool even more powerful. Linking directly to MapQuest and CityGrid’s various properties ensures data accuracy.

We’re already deep in work on our Q4 releases. I’m really excited about updates to our mobile experience, advanced reporting and customizations that give all our clients more power and control. Check back in January for our Q4 recap!

Gabe Huerta is SVP of Product at Connectivity.