If you’ve been a Connectivity customer or one of our blog readers for a while (THANKS!), you know all about the power of controlling online business listings. It makes it easier to be found by your customers and connect with them. (If you want to learn more about SEO, listings and reviews, here’s a webinar recording you might like.)

It’s important to Connectivity that we help your business truly own your listings everywhere online, so we’re constantly building new relationships and partnerships. The latest result of these efforts is a data syndication partnership with MapQuest.

MapQuest is massive. It reaches more than 45 million platform users and is one of the premier sources for maps, directions and enhanced local business information. Its mobile solution is found pretty much everywhere, including on iPhones and Androids. Through our partnership, Connectivity pushes our data directly to MapQuest. This lets you control your business listings directly in your customers’ pockets and in-car navigation systems.

Until this partnership, the only ways for businesses with multiple locations to submit and update listings on MapQuest was directly through Yext or indirectly through a base data provider. Now Connectivity directly submits our clients’ information to MapQuest at a more affordable price than previously available on the market. It’s all included in our standard listings package, so if you already use our listings product, you’re all set.

In addition to directly submitting listings to MapQuest, Connectivity also submits to major data aggregators (Infogroup, Acxiom, Neustar, Factual) and manually claims listings on major sites such as Google, Facebook and Yelp as well as niche industry sites. What does this mean? It means we provide your listings with the widest reach and best accuracy throughout the internet. In other words, we help you represent your business like a boss.

See the full press release.

If you would like to get a clear picture of how accurate your business’s listings are online, we’re happy to provide a free audit.

Josh is the Content Marketing Manager for Connectivity