Google suggests that up to 94% of consumers go online to get information before making a purchase. And why not? The internet provides customers with quick, easy access to valuable information. Whether they’re going online to compare reviews, locate a store that carries a product they need, or find your company’s address, what customers do (or don’t) find online might determine whether or not they make it to your store.

Whether you sell custom dog clothing or luxury furniture, you need to invest in online business listings so your customers, new and old, can find you. To ensure that your customers find you first, click through the slideshow below to see 16 places your business should be listed online.

Want more? Here’s a handy guide to why listings are important and how they make a huge impact on SEO and revenue.

Top photo credit: Ruslan Grumble/Shutterstock

Barb Dittert is a Content Marketing Specialist for Connectivity partner, Volume Nine. Barb is also a contributor to the Connectivity blog.