Nancy Ou knows a thing or two about organization. As Connectivity’s Office Manager, she works throughout the day coordinating repairs and general upkeep, arranging your office lunches, lost things found, packages signed for and to handle any and all problems that might arise. Parking spot issues? A plumber is needed, stat? Nancy is there to help.

Nancy says greeting team members by name is her favorite daily contribution. “I believe that everybody comes to work with the best intentions and should be met with enthusiasm and support,” Nancy says.

Prior to coming to Connectivity in 2014, Nancy co-founded a bakery tea house called Flour + Tea in Pasadena. As she explains, “Tea is part of everyday lives in Asia. It is the icebreaker to all difficult conversations. It’s the companion for any and all occasions. It is so integral that it’s called ‘water.’ When you go into someone’s home, they don’t give you water, they give you tea.” In founding Flour + Tea, Nancy and her business partner wanted to create a space where people and friends gather together for special moments.

After a few dedicated years of establishing Flour + Tea, Nancy remained an investor but turned the day-to-day operations over to her business partner. Always an entrepreneur, Nancy is now working in her spare time on building an online business selling specially curated Asian teas. Madewell Tea, LLC website will be officially launching late 2015.

In her position, Nancy has found that she can adapt to multiple personality types as well as anticipate various needs. She has a persistent streak which comes in handy as she negotiates with vendors. Nancy calls Connectivity her “work family” and is proud to remember nearly 90 employee names and faces (as well as their food allergies!).

Every year, Nancy travels to China to get to know the farmers who supply her online tea venture. Her hobbies include cooking, meditating, hosting dumpling parties and family dinners and playing with her cat, Hobi. She also recently became engaged on National Donut Day.

Jennifer is a Content Strategist for Connectivity.