7 Key Components of a Basic Marketing Plan


If you have your own business, you need customers. To find customers, you have to get their attention, but that can be difficult to do in an age where many skip television commercials and use ad-blockers for websites.

This is why a basic marketing plan is important. It helps you figure out who your customers are, where they get their information, how they view your company, and what your competition is doing. It also helps you focus on initiatives that are likely to be successful. Here are seven necessary components of a basic marketing plan to help you determine the best ways to make your business shine (and get more customers in your door).

Once you’ve set up your plan, it’s time to put it into action and it’s important to have a solid foundation in all things digital marketing. Check out this webinar on five digital marketing tactics to get more customers.

Top photo credit: Ahmet Misirligul/Shutterstock

Olga Traskova is a Senior Manager in Marketing and Sales Operations at Connectivity. 

Top photo credit: Ahmet Misirligul/Shutterstock