We jumped into digital best practices yesterday at our 5 Digital Marketing Tactics to Get More Customers webinar.

As marketers, we’re all searching for the right mix of tactics and strategies to take our business to the top of the charts. Sometimes, we’d settle for the middle of the chart…or even just a rung on the chart! We all start somewhere. That’s why today’s webinar was helpful for newbie marketers as well as more seasoned pros.

Josh Ades, Connectivity’s Content Marketing Manager, was our presenter. He and Alex Vaccaro, our VP of Marketing, took us through some great stories and experiences from their marketing toolbox.

Below are some key takeaways from our webinar conversation. Also check out the presentation at the bottom of this blog post, too.

Key Takeaway #1: Be Found Easily

Josh reminded us that when we’re searching for something such as lost keys, it’s often found in the last place we look. Don’t do that to customers. Let them find you easily. How? By claiming your online listings on sites such as Google My Business or Yelp. Post info about your business (make sure it’s accurate!) and once you do, your chances of being found by online searchers increases.

Josh shared a case study with us about a funeral home network. Because they claimed their online listings, improved their websites and implemented SEO tactics such as using keywords, their website traffic increased and so did their business. They were easily “findable.” When grieving families did a quick search of funeral homes in their area, the funeral home chain was at the top of the search listings. For this business, listings paved the way to increased search results and more customers.

Key Takeaway #2: Get Facebook Right

The big search engines are serving up more and more social results from sites such as Facebook and Twitter. No marketer can ignore the power of the social giants in search.

Make sure your Facebook URL matches your business name, choose the right business category, complete your profile and write a well-crafted “About” section. Josh told us that Marketing.ai found that the majority of searches about businesses were pulled directly from the About page on their Facebook Page.

Every one of your locations should have its own page on Google My Business and Facebook at the very least. (If you don’t wish to have multiple Facebook Pages, you’ll need to add the Parent-Child framework. Do this by consulting with your Facebook account manager if you have one; Connectivity; or an online agency. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow businesses to set up multiple locations on their own at this time.)







Key Takeaway #3: It’s Their World

Even though you’re trying to drive traffic to your business, you have to keep in mind that emails, social media posts and any other outbound content isn’t about you. When a customer opens their inbox, logs in to Facebook or Twitter or even walks into one of your stores, it’s about them.

People on social media aren’t dying to hand you money. A social user could simply be on a quick break from work or doing plane ticket research or shopping for Father’s Day. So remember: It’s not about you; it’s about them.

Key Takeaway #4: Make Content Creation Local

We understand that your franchise or multi-location business probably has a strict workflow regarding content creation. We also hope your local locations have some hand in content creation. It’s important to get it right both at the national (brand) level and at the local store level.






Josh and Alex shared some easy wins if your local stores have permission to create content:


Idea: Tips for baking at altitude or saving on A/C bills on hot days


Idea: Taking a wine stain out of carpet? Take a cell phone video and tell us how to do it


Idea: Tell us what you are up to and share photos


Remember: Content is educational or builds brand affinity. The more people trust you and rely on you, the more likely they are to turn to you when they need a product or service you provide.

5 Digital Marketing Tactics to Get More Franchise Customers from ConnectivityInc













Did you attend the webinar? Let us know what your key takeaways in the comments, below.
Jennifer is a Content Strategist for Connectivity.