Congratulations are in order! Your new customer has clicked the button on your landing page (or signed up or even purchased something). They are converted. Everything worked as it should: the design, the content and especially the CTA (you know, the one everyone argued about for what seemed like hours?).

While it’s certainly time to celebrate, we know that you know it’s also time to get busy with the next steps in your new relationship. Pack your bags for the post-landing page adventure where the name of the game is nurture, nurture, nurture.

After all, as an enterprise marketer, your team is responsible for generating leads to grow business. These qualified leads should be nurtured in an environment where your team can continue to create a lasting relationship that grows revenue long past the initial first sale.

Don’t waste that confirmation (or thank you) page
You have the new customer’s attention, but how long before it’s gone? So use the confirmation/thank you page wisely. Tell the new customer something great they should do next.

Remember, you’ve already won the first conversion. The customer has trusted your brand. Now is the time when they are more likely to respond to the next request. Here are some suggestions to offer on the confirmation page:

Invite the customer to a webinar or Twitter chat
As we nurture this new customer, we want to make sure their experience with our brand is completely awesome. And part of that awesomeness is the once-monthly webinars, Twitter chats or Google Hangouts that your team produces. Invite your new customers to these events and make sure to create a special email invite just for the newbies. Segment your list so that the email subject line is warm and welcoming for newcomers.

Offer to help with a perceived need
A recent email from Minted landed in a friend’s inbox with the subject line: “Beautiful stationery to help your child learn to write.” Every parent wants to assist their child with such a basic life skill, so our friend clicked. Although she didn’t purchase at that moment, our mom friend took note of this marketplace of indie design and told us, “I’ll come back here again when I am looking for a child’s birthday gift.”

Invite the customer to join a drip campaign
Tara Swiger, a creative consultant for artists and makers, offers a free e-course that offers encouragement and also a glimpse into her (paid) online community. Automated email campaigns are a low barrier to entry for customers. And along the way, your carefully crafted emails may find they are reaching their targeted nurture zone.

Give away something free or a coupon code
Everyone loves free. This email just arrived in my inbox from Panera: “Alex, hurry! Your free reward is about to expire.” Since I missed the first email about the reward, I clicked and found myself the owner of a fresh bakery pastry. The chances of scooting over to Panera for lunch this week are now very high. Tomato bisque, anyone?

We wish you luck on your post-landing page adventure. Tell us your tips about what’s worked for your business after the landing page conversion. Share the love in the comments, below.

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Alex is Connectivity’s VP of Marketing.