Aldex “Dex” Oun’s master plan included moving to Cambodia upon his college graduation. With his business administration and hospitality diploma firmly in hand, the dream was to open a beachfront hotel on 200 acres of family-owned land.

Luckily for Connectivity, his career took a different turn. As Account Manager, Dex takes care of our agency clients, helping them set up their Connectivity platform and then handling day-to-day questions. “Agencies have a lot going on and the pace can be frantic,” Dex says. “My duties include making sure the agency client knows their questions are being handled quickly and that we can get them everything they need.” If a client finds a bug or other platform issue, Dex will submit that to engineering as well.

Dex’s background includes working right out of high school for Excel Communications, rising to the post of Regional Director (the youngest person to hold that title at the time). A stint in real estate was Dex’s next move, followed by a post as Operations Manager for an Asian market.

Dex then headed off to college and finished his degree. After graduation, he joined the startup FiveStars, a customer loyalty platform, as National Account Manager. Finally, he made the move to Connectivity in June 2014, after researching a list of top 10 startups in the Los Angeles area. Never one to be shy, Dex says, “I just emailed to see if they had account manager openings, and it all worked out.”

From a young age, Dex figured out how to persuade his teachers and family to see his point of view. “I’ve always been very good at reading people,” he says. “And I’m pretty good at adapting to what the customer needs, whether it’s understanding how to respond to online reviews or reassuring them that their business listings are updating as planned.”

Away from the office, Dex is a self-described “adrenaline junkie.” He likes flinging himself off of tall places: long boarding on steep hills, skateboarding, bungee jumping and B.A.S.E. jumping. “I enjoy having very exhilarating experiences,” Dex says. He loves travel, too, and hopes to return to Europe with a group of friends with whom he backpacked a few years ago. Dex’s home includes a Yorkie, Butters.

Olga is a Senior Manager in Marketing and Sales Operations at Connectivity.