While we are wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with joy, peace and prosperity, let us also ask: do you want to be more creative?

The start of a New Year is when many people enjoy selecting a resolution or two. Whether it’s losing twenty pounds or vowing to exercise more, resolutions fall securely into the love-it-or-hate-it category.

But choosing to be more creative is a more (ahem) creative dodge around the age-old resolution. It’s something that can be done gradually, usually for free or low cost, and there’s no specific goal in mind, so technically, you can’t quit your vow of creativity.

If becoming more creative is an aspiration for 2015, read below for a few suggestions. Don’t you feel more creative already?

1. Discover Your Creative Side

In this step, think back to when you felt most creative. Was it in that horticulture class in college? At the ballet studio in high school? When you and your roommate wrote a song on her guitar and uploaded it to SoundCloud?

If memories of past projects nudge something inside, that’s a great clue that pursuing your old creative faves is a solid path forward. But what if you don’t have anything creative in the memory vault?

Start with the art, music or books you enjoy on an everyday basis. That cookbook on your bedside table could mean your hidden chef is ready to take a cooking class or host a night of gourmet appetizers for good friends. If acoustic music is your go-to streaming choice, perhaps taking a four-pack of lessons with a borrowed guitar might be a good first step toward discovering your inner musician.

2. Set Aside Some Time to Dream

Every creative endeavor starts with a spark. You need one. Schedule a block of time for daydreaming. What creative project makes you want to jump in and get started immediately? Remember, this is your dream and no one else’s, so put aside thoughts of other people who are already doing what you want to do.

If you already hold a creative job, additional brainstorming might be too exhausting. In this case, we recommend Todd Henry’s The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant on a Moment’s Notice.

Don’t dismiss any idea. Nothing is wrong at the daydreaming stage. Want to record a children’s literature podcast, write a children’s book and learn to knit? Great! These are fabulous ideas and you’ll explore them more in depth later.

If the project list is growing long, perhaps circle three or four. Your creative side might be waking up now, so move on to the final step.

3. Go from Dream to Reality

To be completely honest, this is where many folks stumble. Sure, it’s fun to dream about making gorgeous cupcakes, but whipping up icing is fairly humdrum. So resolve to stay the course. You’re more creative already, right?

Consider taking an online class in your chosen field with Creative Live  (free while they are filming the course; sign up for email alerts about upcoming classes.) Craftsy offers fabulous classes in many arts and craft areas, for a fee.

Check out in-person local classes from creative experts, too. For instance, Share Denver (in Denver) or Craft Haven in San Francisco offer a full slate of classes at affordable prices.

No matter what your creative dream is in 2015, a little dreaming + planning can make it happen. Here’s to more creativity in the New Year!

Olga is Senior Manager in Marketing and Sales Operations for Connectivity.