Nothing’s better than helping a client be successful. When you are working with clients day in and day out, their business goals become your business goals. You care about their success and you work hard to help them achieve it.

This sentiment is true of our agency partners. It’s no exaggeration to say Connectivity operates and thrives in an environment where we take care of our agency partners. By using the Connectivity platform, our agency partners no longer have to maintain cumbersome spreadsheets of manually updated listings or search the web endlessly for reviews about their clients’ businesses. Seriously, who wants to devote hundreds of hours on this type of work? There are other things agencies should be doing, like spending time with the client; developing strategy for the client; or analyzing data from recent campaigns.

Connectivity saw the need for a tool that would allow agencies to get back to what they do best: taking care of their clients. And our platform delivers the tools agencies need to set the table with the most basic of business details: the all-important online business listing. And with our Reviews tool, the same business can keep up to date with each customer-generated review that is posted online—and respond appropriately.

Agencies need a data aggregation tool like Connectivity for purposes of scale. A business with 100 locations is impossible to track across the web. Connectivity can search more than 10,000 sites and discover business listing errors that we can then fix with correct information such as business name, address, phone, hours and website address.

We like to ask our agency clients: What can we do to make you more successful? Agencies currently white-label the Connectivity platform using the agency’s logo and color palette. Our sales team will jump on a call with the agency’s clients to help demo the platform. Whatever we can do, we try to help.

We have a lot of developments and product improvements in the pipeline, including a sophisticated Enterprise product that really matches how firms run their businesses with locations broken out into whatever configuration they desire. Our agencies will be able to segment and slice their client views how they want to—not how a technology platform says they should.

We are proud of our Agency partners and the creative work they are doing with their clients. If we can help your agency, please give us a call. It would be a pleasure to hear more about your business.

Matt is the CEO of Connectivity.