We work hard at Connectivity, but sometimes, summer just comes calling. Recently, we all paused to rest and relax. And eat plenty of gelato, of course.

Our CEO Matt Booth generously opened up his home (and pool!) to Connectivity staff and friends. A surprise mariachi band delighted everyone and really set the summer party tone. Matt’s brisket (twenty-four hours in the making) fed the crowd, plus we also noshed on taco truck fare. Local Bulgarini gelato shop brought over a cart, causing much excitement among the kids….and adults, too, if we’re being completely honest. Fan favorite? The almond gelato, hands down.

Matt’s backyard was a complete playground. With chickens, vegetables and fruit trees, there was a lot to enjoy, including fresh peaches and mint that ended up in delicious cocktails. Kids splashed in the pool while adults chatted. We like each other at Connectivity, and when gelato is involved, so much the better!

We hope your summer was filled with good work, good friends and lots of sun.

Margie is a Business Consultant and Sales Manager at Connectivity.