Holiday Facebook Makeover: Shopping Season Is Right Around the Corner

Holiday shopping, are you kidding?

We’re totally serious. It’s time to think about holiday social media strategy for your local business. Today, we’re talking Facebook.

A new study from G/O, Gannett’s digital marketing arm, shows younger shoppers place a premium on the reviews for local businesses they find on Facebook. Eighty percent of the shoppers in the study checked online reviews before heading to a physical store, and Facebook was their top social media choice (68%).

What this means for your business is that with the year’s major shopping season bearing down on us, it’s smart to do a little holiday social media planning. Here are some tips for sprucing up your Facebook business page before the sleigh bells ring:

    • Check your Facebook reviews. Do you have any? We hope they rock. If you don’t have any reviews or just a handful, ask a few favorite customers to post an honest review. If your existing reviews are so-so, make sure to respond to complaints on Facebook itself. (And need we say it? Be gracious, humble and thankful for the feedback.)
    • Consider trying out a Facebook Offer. The same G/O study mentioned above found that consumers were far more likely to be swayed by a Facebook Offer over a Sponsored Post. Offers are fun, impulsive and the perfect “gift” for the holiday shopper with money to spend.
    • Create a slate of holiday offers and promotions that you’ll mention on Facebook updates. It pays to be a follower of your page! Pair the offers with great photography. Now is the time to line this up before the store gets hectic. Train your staff about your social media holiday plan.
    • Switch out your Facebook cover with something new such as holiday-themed art. Post a short video showing new products. Interview a favorite customer and post her tips for keeping holiday stress to a minimum. Add a photo album of staff at a recent happy hour or bowling game. Make your page fun and authentic.

Olga is a Senior Manager in Sales and Marketing Operations at Connectivity.