It’s a funny thing about online business listings: they aren’t foolproof. They have errors—most of the time.

Picture a potential customer for your business. They crave your much buzzed-about fresh cinnamon rolls. Or their brand-new used car needs insurance and your agency has been recommended by a friend. Perhaps your women’s clothing boutique was featured in a local magazine, just in time for a big sale.

How will this potential customer find you? Chances are, they grab their smartphone and tap in a few characters. The phone takes it the rest of the way…to your website or address on a maps app or perhaps your phone number.

If this information is wrong, you miss a valuable connection.

If the information is right, your new customer finds you online; calls your business; or walks in through the front door.

It’s a simple but unfortunate fact that most business listings online contain at least one error. Many small business owners are too consumed with, well, business to notice. It’s a common assumption to think, “if my business is correct on Google, it’s correct all across the web.” But incorrect listings are a big problem—a problem that can cost you big revenue.

Did you know there are hundreds of online business directories, map databases and social media business listings? Connectivity searches these sites to provide a sweeping picture of what the web says about your business. If there are listing errors on small, local directories or large, customer review sites, we’ll find them.

We’ll also search through local directories, in-car navigation feeds, local customer review sites, online maps and niche industry sites. Connectivity is relentless in finding the places where your business locations might be listed.

And when Connectivity discovers your listings, with a click of a button, you can start the process of correcting the errors that keep customers from finding your business. Simply select “Fix All.” Immediately, we push your changes to hundreds of local directories, our real-time data feed networks and four large data aggregators.

Correcting wrong online information puts your business on the path to being more successful. If you would like more information about Connectivity, please contact us. We look forward to helping your business grow.

Alex is Connectivity’s VP of Marketing.